Innovation gallery: Ocean Observations on using design from one platform to support needs in another

We love design that stays true to the brand no matter which platform it appears on. For example many things in the Mac interface have successfully been tweaked and used in the iPhone: graphics, as well as interaction. We believe this is not only good for the brand but also the user, since familiar often means easy to use.

The other day we had a ‘FedEx day‘ at Ocean and people could work on whatever they wanted, except for their normal projects. During the day some of us started to think of how to cater for the needs we have when using the iPhone. This started by using interaction models known from the Mac OS interface.

At the end of the day we had come up with several ideas and concepts. One must remember though that Apple is a company that does not leave design issues to chance and there is probably good reason why the iPhone looks and works the way it does. But, for the fun of it, we turned three of them into animations and put them on YouTube, curious as to what other people would say about them.

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iPhone Expose

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iPhone multi-tasking

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iPhone Dashboard

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