LogicaCMG’s reality check

LogicaCMG, which supplies and manages a wide range of customer service and delivery platforms for mobile operators, has published some interesting research claiming 58 percent of users don’t know the make and model of their handset. This, presumably, makes the case for Logica’s platforms which are capable of automatically identifying the handset so that it can be accurately supported by customer service staff and targeted with new applications.

The MORI poll found 9 percent knew neither the make or model of their handset. 49 percent knew the make but not the model.

Paul Gleeson, chief operating officer, LogicaCMG telecoms, said: “This research demonstrates that many operators could well be trying to sell advanced data services based on the incorrect assumption that the users they are communicating with have basic knowledge of their own handsets. Often this is not the case; the language used by the customer service advisor can be inappropriately technical and, as a result, they could actually be putting a number of people off using their handsets.?

He added: “Mobile data services are much more complex to deliver to consumers than voice services – just sending through the right service book to enable MMS depends on knowing to which handset it is going. Operators and manufacturers can help in the roll out of new mobile data services by ensuring that they control this kind of basic information, rather than depending on their customers often limited knowledge.?

Setting aside Logica’s obvious vested interest in this, the company is uniquely positioned to understand user experience because it supplies everything from client applications to server architecture and support services. I recall an insightful presentation from the company where an executive explained how they are working with Dutch operator KPN Mobile to enhance customer support by trying to better understand the context of the user.

One part of this is their device make and model, but LogicaCMG’s system also allows support staff to record information such as the mood and tone of the last conversation they had with the customer. If there had been a negative incident in the past, the staff were encouraged to make special efforts to please the subscriber.

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    Thomas Sykora

    I would be interested in findung out, how LogicaCMG is reading out make and model. To my knowledge no standardised commands exist, and each mobile phone manufacturer has its own approach to reading out make, model and for instance software version. Also I would like to know, which interface LogicCMG is using to read make and model data from the phones. Our experience at BMW shows, that reading such data e.g. over Bluetooth is not only make but also model dependent.
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