Managing the personal communications space

The Small Surfaces blog has a link to an interesting thesis by Ana Camila Amorim, who is taking a masters in interaction design at the Interaction Design Insititute Ivrea. In her paper, Ana explores how management of the user’s personal communications space is becoming a key part of the mobile experience. The document looks at the tools currently available and then outlines Ana’s own project to develop a system which allows for trust-based interactions and unifies a user’s identity across all digital channels.

There is a particularly interesting passage in which she states:

“Similarly to what happens in the physical world, where bodily proximity is tolerated depending on the intimacy level, access to personal information also depends on the level of closeness and trust between two people. People tend to be very conscious about what they want others to know and see about themselves depending on their relationship.”

And continues: “In this perspective, personal space is intimately related with who is, and not, accepted in my group of trust: ‘who is allowed to contact me’ and ‘who is allowed to access my information’ are the two core aspects of this project.”

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