Meet the speakers: Dr Jonas Landgren, PhD, University of Gothenburg / Ideaviate AB

Dr Jonas Landgren, PhD, University of Gothenburg / Ideaviate AB Over the next few editions of the newsletter we’ll be introducing you to the speakers at the MEX Conference on 19th/20th May 2010 in London.

Dr Jonas Landgren (M.Sc. and Ph.D. both in Informatics) studies the use and design of mobile technology and services for crisis and emergency response. Specifically, Jonas’ research focuses on how to design information technology that complies to time-critical and distributed work practices.
He is assistant professor at the Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg. He holds a MSc in informatics (1998) and a Ph.D. in informatics (2007) from University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Jonas is the founder of the Crisis Response Lab, consisting of researchers from Gothenburg University, Chalmers University and the Viktoria Institute. His research is conducted in collaboration with Gothenburg fire & rescue services, the Swedish Rescue Services Agency as well as Swedish Emergency Management Agency. He is also involved in research-transfer projects with commercial organisations within civil security and mobile telecommunications.
Jonas regularly gives lectures nationally as well as internationally on his research to practitioners, industry and academia. In addition, Jonas is the co-founder of Ideaviate, a small technology design company, focusing on bringing low cost mobile services to a crisis response professional mass market.

His session is entitled ‘Multi-platform user experience design – learning from crisis situations‘. Jonas will also be one of the team facilitators for the MEX breakout sessions.


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