Meet the speakers: Haslina Dawam, Celcom Malaysia

Haslina Dawam, General Manager, Messaging &amp Support, Celcom MalaysiaHaslina Dawam, General Manager, Messaging &amp Support, Celcom Malaysia

Haslina Dawam from Malaysian operator Celcom will be sharing the inspiring story of how an initiative to enable religious financial contributions through handsets has introduced a whole new group of customers to mobile financial services. This is one of several ground breaking mobile experiences from new markets we’ll be looking at as part of the MEX Manifesto statement on reversing the tide of innovation between ’emerging’ and ‘developed’ economies.

Why did we chose them as a speaker?

We met Haslina last year and were immediately impressed by the innovations she was leading at one of Malaysia’s largest operators. She’s been responsible for the rollout of several new services at Celcom, including mobile instant messaging, and is committed to fostering customer-centred thinking at all levels of the company. When we heard about the success of the mobile financial services project, we knew it was exactly the the right kind of story to illustrate our MEX Manifesto statement in this area.


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