Meet the speakers: Jennifer Ouano, President, Elastic Entertainment

Jennifer Ouano, President, Elastic Entertainment
Over the next few editions of the newsletter we’ll be introducing you to the speakers at the MEX Conference on 19th/20th May 2010 in London.

Jennifer Ouano is a shape shifter. She moves from one media and technology world to the next with the greatest of ease, living at their crossroads and delighting in the changing landscape.

For more than fifteen years, Jennifer has been a journalist, producer and director in radio, film and television, but she is best known for her work as an award-winning multi-platform producer, web strategist, social media guru and, these days, game designer. Expert in convergence, Jennifer was co-creator and senior producer of ZeD, a flagship interactive program and social media pioneer that garnered international accolades including an Emmy nod.

As head of Elastic Entertainment, a four-year-old digital media production and consulting company, she has successfully launched several large digital properties and viral marketing campaigns for her film and TV clients. But it’s at the intersection of the digital and real worlds where her true passion lies, a creative frontier filled with opportunities for new forms of storytelling and user experiences. To that end, she is thrilled to be launching a series of location-based social games later this year, and is authoring a series of device-driven stories that breathes new life into the genre of magical realism.

Her session is entitled ‘New types of entertainment and storytelling across new device form factors ‘.


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