Meet the speakers: Priya Prakash, Flirtomatic

Priya Prakash, Head of Products, FlirtomaticPriya Prakash, Head of Products, Flirtomatic

Priya Prakash is responsible for the customer experience of Flirtomatic’s hugely successful networking service. She’ll be responding to our MEX Manifesto statement on balancing the purity of the user experience with the commercial imperatives of the mobile business. Her presentation will explore the challenge of monetising mobile services while remaining focused on the customer.

Why did we chose them as a speaker?

We first heard Priya presenting on the art of persuasion in mobile service design and realised immediately her combination of passion and knowledge would enliven the debate at MEX. Her experience across publishing, broadcast and retail has given her a refreshingly broad perspective, helping her to develop an enviable mobile success story at Flirtomatic.


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