Meet the speakers: Rachel Hinman

Rachel Hinman, Experience Design Director, Adaptive PathRachel Hinman, Experience Design Director, Adaptive Path

Rachel Hinman is a director and one of the leading mobile experts at the renowned user experience practitioners Adaptive Path. She’ll be tackling our MEX Manifesto statement on enhancing the industry’s customer research methodology, provoking debate by questioning the very reasons which motivate companies to commission new studies. Her presentation will also look at some of the cutting edge techniques she and others are employing to overcome the disconnect between customer reality and company insight.

Why did we chose them as a speaker?

Rachel is one of those rare individuals adept as both a practitioner and theorist in user experience. She brings a genuine passion to her chosen field, including undertaking personal projects like ‘90 Mobiles in 90 Days‘, where she spent 3 months exploring cutting edge mobile concepts and sharing them through a specially created blog. At Adaptive Path she has worked at the forefront of new user research methodology and effectively translating that into actionable insights.


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