Meet the speakers: Neil Wooding, Independent Expert

Neil Wooding, Independent ExpertNeil Wooding, Independent Expert

Neil Wooding is an independent expert who will be helping to run our breakout sessions on MEX Manifesto No. 1, where we challenge the industry to think differently about the user experience of mobile app stores. There are very few people in the world who can claim greater experience with selling applications for mobile devices, with Neil’s previous projects ranging from some of the earliest app stores to seeing the challenges of distribution first hand as a successful mobile games developer.

We asked Neil to sum himself up in the space of a 160 characters SMS message and this is what he said: “Hi, I’m Neil Wooding. I bring together my experience and skills in design, branding & mobile development to delivery unique mobile experiences for customers.

Why did we chose them as a speaker?

Neil has been working at the intersection of mobile and creative design for years. After defining the online presence of Psion, the pioneering British mobile manufacturer, he went on to build one of the first mobile application stores, long before the iPhone was even a glint in Apple’s eye. Most recently he led Handango’s community relations in Europe, providing him with the inside track on what really motivates mobile developers.


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