New Pantech advanced camera phone

Following our article on Pantech’s international ambitions, the company has announced a new camera phone with a 2 megapixel camera and a form factor designed specifically for photography. The PG-8000 has a wide, horizontal LCD display. The phone is also set-up for music and incorporates an MP3 function, supporting MP3, AAC, and AAC+ files, while an FM tuner is included.

Sung-Kyu Lee, President & CEO of Pantech Co., said: “Pantech is already a leader, in terms of combining innovative design concepts with increasingly advanced functionality. With the advent of the sleek PG-8000 handset, we are looking to offer this unique combination to the global market. The phone looks just like a digital camera and is likely to be extremely popular with users who enjoy photography. Along with the extensive music and entertainment applications, we feel that – in the PG-8000 – we are offering users a groundbreaking new multimedia experience.”

Pantech PG-8000

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