Nuance returns to MEX as Title sponsor

NuanceWe’re delighted to announce Nuance is returning as Title sponsor of the 2009 MEX Conference and Awards. It is the third year in succession Nuance has been a key partner for MEX.

William Clement of Nuance explained why MEX is important to them: “Nuance enjoys sponsoring MEX because, as a provider of foundation technologies like speech recognition and text input, we recognise our responsibility to provide the tools that make a great user experience possible. The provocative, stimulating conversation that MEX provides is one of those tools.”

Rather than quoting their standard corporate profile, we asked Nuance to think about what the user experience really means to them as a company. Here’s what they had to say:

More than two billion people depend on mobile phones to help them stay connected, informed and productive. Mobile operators are intent on capturing revenue through increased phone usage and content download. The battle for mind and market share will be won by those who can most effectively connect a diverse set of users with the content and functionality they desire, then provide a flexible, personalised interaction with that content. At Nuance, our goal is to make every user experience more accessible, more discoverable, and more personal by providing gateway technologies that can form the foundation for many different types of user experience.

The most carefully designed user experience, the most compelling content, is worthless if the user can’t find it, and a growing number of choices make that task more and more difficult. At Nuance we strive to to keep the ‘user’ in ‘user experience’ by letting users search for content in intuitive ways, blurring the line between the device and the network and connecting them with a simple, naturally phrased utterance or a few key presses. Once the user is connected, we make the technology invisible, connecting the user directly to the content, making it possible to weave together speech, key presses, handwriting, and other input modes into a solution that is high bandwidth, adaptive, and transparent.

Using Nuance technology, consumers can safely and simply access all the power of mobility through the most natural, most convenient interfaces.



To reserve your sponsorship or find out more about opportunities at MEX, please contact Marek Pawlowski (by email or +44 (0)7767 622957).


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