Palm to deploy Pico Bluetooth network

Pico Communications is to construct the world’s largest corporate Bluetooth network for Palm’s Solutions Group and PalmSource.

PicoBlue access points will cover an area of over 160,000 square feet, spread across four buildings in two separate locations. Palm employees will be able to use the network for access to web services and to HotSync their mobile devices with their desktop computers. PicoBlue access points have a range of 100m using a higher power version of Bluetooth. Palm has already deployed the solution in its European offices. There are a range of solutions available for adding Bluetooth connectivity to Palm OS devices, including SD cards and proprietary snap-on accessories. Palm is also thought to be working on a handheld with integrated Bluetooth.

“Bluetooth technology and Palm Powered devices make for a great combination,” said Albert Chu, Vice President of Business Development and Wireless Strategy at PalmSource, Inc. “When we’re outside the campus, we use Bluetooth technology to connect through cellphones. Now when we’re inside the campus, we’ll use that same technology to connect to our network, check e-mail, and synchronise our information.” Lung Yeh, president and CEO of Pico Communications, added: “It is gratifying to see the fruits of both companies’ development efforts bringing Bluetooth into a real-world setting on the Palm campus. This deployment will serve as the premiere example of Bluetooth networking taking handheld computing to the next level.”


This gives an indication of how significant a role Bluetooth will play for Palm. The company has already been vocal in its support at various industry conferences, but deploying an internal Bluetooth network on this scale almost certainly confirms that Bluetooth will be integrated into devices from Palm’s Solutions Group in the near future. PalmSource, the operating system subsidary, has already built the necessary capabilities into Palm OS 5.0.

Originally published by PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence, the subscription-based analysis and insight platform founded by Marek Pawlowski.

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