Sega announces first Pocket PC titles

Sega Mobile has announced its first games for the Pocket PC platform. Consumers in the US and Japan will be able to purchase the games from Sega’s web-site.

The company is offering two game packs, including Action Classics and Leisure Classics. The action pack includes Vampires: Master of Darkness, Halley Wars and a selection of sports and puzzle games. Leisure has Columns, Slider and Super Golf.

Sega announced in 2001 that it would exit the console business and concentrate on developing content for other platforms, including mobile devices. It is working on games for Java, Palm OS, BREW and Microsoft handhelds.

“Expanding our offering to the wireless PC platform is proof of our commitment to provide the best in gaming to all devices,” said Fred Huey, chief operating officer of “Now gamers can play classic Sega games anytime, anywhere.”


Sega seems to be settling comfortably into its post-Dreamcast role. It has a vast library of compelling content and some extremely talented developers. It was also one of the first major publishers to start targeting mobile platforms and enjoys a substantial head start in experience and partnerships.

Products for the Pocket PC and Palm OS provide a good showcase for the company and should result in healthy sales (entertainment remains the most popular category of third party software for handhelds). However, it is Sega’s BREW and Java titles which have the real potential, with a rapidly expanding base of installed handsets and network operators desperate to generate data revenues.

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