Video: User experience journeys in a multi-platform world

In this MEX video presentation, outline the first version of a framework for understanding user journeys in a multi-platform world which I’ve been working on over the last little while. I’d really appreciate your comments and feedback on how this could evolve in the future.

I highly recommend viewing it in fullscreen mode so you can see the details of the graphics. It is accompanied by a PDF wall chart, which should be downloaded and viewed alongside the video to provide a clearer illustration of the framework.

The next major challenge facing user experience designers is moving from a model of buidling device- or platform-centric experiences to a model which better reflects the reality of users’ pathways. As both the number of devices and the volume of content in users’ lives increases, user experience practitioners need to build systems which utilise multiple devices to create a customer experience greater than the sum of its parts.

As highlighted in the recent MEX Manifesto (particularly statements 1 – 3), there is significantly more complexity involved in doing this than for an individual device or application. As a user experience practitioner, you will need to give additional consideration to the multiple ways in which other devices or services may connect with yours and how you can ensure a seamless overall experience for the user by combining numerous the numerous digital platforms they have access to.

This topic will be at the heart of the MEX Conference in London on 2nd and 3rd December, entitled: ‘Enhancing mobile user experience in a multi-platform world’.

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