What’s it all about?

It still seems remarkable how much awareness of the term ‘user experience’ has increased in the short time since we welcomed you to the first MEX conference in September 2005.

Our challenge then was to define an idea in its conceptual stage, but today our view of the customer at the heart of the mobile value chain is shared by the most successful companies in the industry and has become a key strategic objective for their future.

At this latest event in the MEX series we intend to take that several steps further. Building on the debate and creative thinking which characterised our first conference, we have also introduced new workshop sessions. These practical, group discussions accelerate understanding of user experience techniques and the value of customer-focused design.

The event brings together some of brightest minds from telecoms, media and design, spanning a broad range of job functions which reflect the diversity of expertise required to build great customer experiences. We strive to present all of the sessions in a way which encourages free discussion between everyone in attendance, ensuring you can derive the maximum benefit from this wealth of knowledge.

We are often asked whether MEX is a conference for ‘technology people’ or ‘marketing people’, as if the two practises are somehow mutually exclusive. It is neither and both.

At its heart, MEX is about understanding mobile customers.

Our key objective is to facilitate learning and relaxed networking throughout the MEX community. For those who are attending in London, we welcome you to what we hope will be a valuable and enjoyable conference.

If you are unable to make it in person, you can follow developments with our conference reporter, Simon Judge, who will be posting live updates throughout the event at www.mobileuserexperience.com.

MEX, the PMN Mobile User Experience conference, runs from 31st May – 1st June 2006 at The Great Eastern Hotel in London.

With thanks to our title sponsor, Adobe, and Zi Corporation, Trolltech, Flash Networks, Action Engine, MSX, Obigo and UIQ Technologies.

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