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Design Talk 28. Roger Andersson Reimer, co-founder, TOPP; multi-touchpoint design

Roger Andersson Reimer, co-founder and UX Director of Swedish design agency TOPP, talks to Marek Pawlowski, founder of MEX, about multi-touchpoint experience design. The discussion includes TOPP’s emergence from the history of TAT and Blackberry, their work on wearables for Samsung and Pins Collective, design tools for next generation distributed experiences and the roots of Roger’s design education.

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Design Talk 27. Alex Genov, Head of UX Research, Zappos

Alex Genov, head of UX Research at Zappos, talks to Marek Pawlowski, founder of MEX, about designing retail experiences, understanding users as people and emerging user research methods.  The conversation covers Genov’s early interest in experimental social psychology and expands into a discussion of how he has applied his knowledge in both financial services and retailers.  Genov and Pawlowski also talk about Zappos’ core commitment to customer service and how its adoption of the holocracy o…


Design Talk 26. Wearable experience design

Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest take up Patrizia Bertini’s challenge from the last episode and go in search of wearable technology beyond the smartwatch and fitness tracker. After questioning the term ‘wearable’ itself, Marek and Alex cite examples ranging from illuminated clothing to medical implants, before searching for design approaches which might result in products more relevant to users’ lives.  Marek challenges listeners to abandon the smartphone as the anchor point for wearable produc…


Design Talk 25. UX Review 2016

Patrizia Bertini, Alex Guest and Marek Pawlowski pick their most memorable digital – and non-digital – user experiences from 2016.  With examples ranging from virtual reality and conversational interfaces to home baking and biodegradable thank you cards, the MEX team try to unpack what makes for an extraordinary UX.  The conversation turns to the year ahead and the hosts’ hopes for skills and technologies to improve digital design in 2017.  Patrizia leaves listeners with a challenge: to send …


Design Talk 24. Mat Hunter, Managing Director, The Central Research Laboratory; manufacturing renaissance

Mat Hunter, Managing Director of the Central Research Laboratory, talked to Marek Pawlowski, founder of MEX, about the manufacturing heritage of CRL’s unique startup acceleration facility and his plans for a design-led hardware renaissance in the UK. The CRL resides in the Shipping Building on the old EMI site, where the evocative slogan ‘His Master’s Voice’ is emblazoned in huge letters across the exterior, recalling the history of a location closely associated with British industry and crea…


Design Talk 23. Rob Graham, Global Head of UX, AstraZeneca live at MEX/16

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are increasing their investment in digital experience design at a key moment in their wider transformation. With experimental new business models such as payment based on patient outcomes rather than product volumes, digital services are being trialed for both patient health tracking and as a form of direct treatment. Rob Graham, Global Head of UX at the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, and someone who has led user experience departments in large …


Design Talk 22. Agile marketing; Roland Smart, VP, Social & Community Marketing, Oracle

Agile has become the de-facto approach to rapid, user-centred product development.  However, it is not just for coders.  In fact, Agile is at its most effective when product management and marketing work in the same rhythm.  In this episode, hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest are joined by Roland Smart, author of ‘The Agile Marketer’ and someone who has seen these practices first-hand on the agency side with pioneering UX consultancy Adaptive Path and now client-side with Oracle, one of the…


Design Talk 21. Summary from the MEX/16 conference

MEX/16 brought together a diverse set of designers, strategists and digital pioneers to define new ideas and best practice for experience design.  The two day conference, hosted in London by Marek Pawlowski, Alex Guest and Patrizia Bertini, is recapped in this special edition of MEX Design Talk.  Building on 12 years of MEX events, the conference combined workshops, expert talks and tangential inspirations to push the boundaries of design practice.

In addition to the podcast, there is also…


Design Talk 20. Inclusive design; Neil Milliken, Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion, Atos

Accessible design is good design, whether motivated initially by the needs of users with specific disabilities or broader goals of social and economic inclusion.  Neil Milliken talks to MEX founder and podcast host Marek Pawlowski about his work leading accessibility at Atos, one of the world’s largest digital services companies, and the AXSChat community he co-founded.  The conversation ranges from Neil’s early career to the academy he is building at Atos to teach accessible design skills.


Design Talk 19. The Friday inspirations project

In this episode we share 6 digital design inspirations, from a sci-fi film script written by artificial intelligence to a fashion collection influenced by sound waves. Prompted by a move to Basecamp for MEX collaboration, podcast co-host Alex Guest introduced ‘Friday inspirations’, a recurring task for each member of the team to share a weekly ‘find’ with colleagues. Alex and co-host Marek Pawlowski take turns explaining why they picked each inspiration and how it relates to digital experienc…