A more natural interface for weather

A more natural interface for weather

The Weather Cube, designed by Yu Zhuang and featured in this post by Yanko Design, is an alternative interface for meteorological information. Using ultrasonic actuators, it changes the nature of the water contained within a sealed cube to reflect the conditions outside. On a windy day, there are waves; when it is sunny, the water is calm and still. The temperature is permanently displayed through projection.

While I can foresee a number of practical challenges with this implementation (not least how it would cope with British days when it can be windy, sunny and raining all at the same time), I found its approach refreshingly different. It provided a reminder that computer screens should not always be our default choice when we think about new ways to convey information to users.

Part of MEX Inspirations, an ongoing series exploring tangents and their relationship to better experience design.

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