Awards Entry: Tx12. Text Phonetics.

Tx12 is a simple idea. Stop cramming the bl%$y alphabet between 2 and 9 or putting QWERTY on a postage stamp! Use all 12 keys.

There are Four Fundamentals to Text-Phonetix.

1. Alphabetic Layout using ALL 12 Keys – Optimum physical accessibility and ergonomic layout on standard 12 key pads, for maximum usability and customer experience on a hand held.

2. Separate ‘Hi-Hit’ Vowels – Optimum cognitive accessibility, usability and customer experience for speed, for spelling, for ‘txt’ and for ‘predictive speed optimisation.

3. Visible symbols and punctuation – Optimum full text accessibility, usability and customer experience for full e-mail and content input.

4. Right Brain simplicity. It’s EASY! Optimising neural activity and aiding the ‘phonological loop’. Spelling is a ‘left brain’ activity and complicated more with current layouts. So, just like the door entry number lock where you remember the shape of the numbers, a ‘right brain activity’ and simple, the unique Text-Phonetics WordMaps give you a SatNav guide to text spelling and learning – as you go. You just get faster and faster, whatever your ability level.

Now with TTS on phones (courtesy of Nuance) you can listen to what you spell as you go and learn with the EASY! Spellpad. Spelling is guaranteed if you can point, you can spell.

NB Go to website for Flash demos.


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