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Meet the #mex15 speaker: Jonathan Mitchener

Jonathan Mitchener at #mex15

Jonathan continually surprises with his insights into the link between understanding user behaviour and driving large scale economic change through digital industry. Drawing on years of practical experience with re…


Meet the #mex15 speaker: Rory Southworth

Rory Southworth at #mex15

Rory’s skill lies in mastering complex processes from the cutting edge of user research and translating the techniques into concise, usable lessons. In addition to his broad personal design interests, his position…


Meet the #mex15 speaker: Patrizia Bertini

Patrizia Bertini at #mex15

Patrizia is one of the few facilitators we’ve come across who challenges participants not just with new subject matter, but by introducing genuinely new ways of thinking. At MEX she will use a range of ‘serious p…