Notes Posted Live from MEX

Chairman: Marek Pawlowski, Editorial Director, PMN
Keynote: Mike Stevens, Research International
Expert opinions from:
Anat Amir, Head of Usability, O2
Peter Baldwin, CEO, MSX
Matt Millar, Head of Consulting, Adobe

Marek opened explaining how last year’s MEX focused on that fact that user experience covers everyone in in value chain. This year’s MEX will be about the tools and services that will allow user experience to be a strategic differentiator for network operators. These tools can allow customers to create their own personalised user experiences.

Mike started with a video showing how people are now tied to their mobile phones. What is user experience? It’s a lot more than the UI on the phone.

Mike described what he called the ‘Whole brand’ experience. ‘Toxic’ behaviours sour the user experience. For example, being changed without knowing it. Golden moments improve the experience. For example, customer support calling you back rather than you being put in a queue.

The whole brand experience starts with the operator brand promise which includes..

  • Essence (who you are)
  • Promise (role in customer life)

Building a brand experience doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not a big bang approach. ‘Every little helps.’ The challenge is not wholly technical. The whole brand experience will become more important for differentiation. The focus will become loyalty rather than acquisition.

Operators will increasingly look for solutions fitting their brand. Handset OEMs, retailers and applications developers will also be wanting to create their own brand experiences.

Notes Posted Live from MEX – More detailed report, including panel discussion, will be available after the event.


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