Speaker: Frederique Bouty, co-founder, Experience Co-Creation Partnership

Frederique described how traditional company driven value creation has to change. This is value creation where the company defines the value, procures content and customers consume.

The customer wants to be engaged and have…

  • Information access – blogs etc
  • Global view of information
  • Networking with other consumers
  • Experimentation themselves to discover where to get value
  • Activism in publishing their views

Consumers don’t think in the same terms as companies. Customers want value out of the experience. Customers want to co-create the experience in a transparent way.

A valuable experience depends on a user’s experience in interacting with employees, company processes, other customers and service offerings.

An example is purchasing a phone. Users need to be able to actually try and experience the phones. Retail staff need to know about and be passionate about the products.

Users need to be able to create their own mobile content with (financial?) incentives. It’s not about the product. It’s about the experience. It related to the company employees and processes. It involves a community of customers and non-customers. Customers should be able to decide and create their own path.

To make it happen, companies must let go of control and predictability. They must change how people work and think.

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