Posted Live from MEX

Chairman: Walter Adamson, Vice President, iCF, and CEO, Digital Investor
Keynote: Fabio Sergio, Interaction Design Strategist

Expert opinions from:

David Wentker, Head of Mobile Innovation, Visa
Jacques LaPointe, Director, Product Management, Zi Corporation
Don Cameron, Vice President of Marketing, Mobiqa
Per Ogren, Head of User Experience, TAT

Walter started by describing the success and growth of i-Mode in Asia.

Fabio’s talk centred around how people should come first. How much of the environment will contain embedded intelligence? What are the problems with person to machine communications? Are mobile phones the only way to interact?

One day, everything with which we interact will include embedded intelligence. Embedded intelligence will slowly pervade our lives. Fabio described a world where devices will produce, store and relay data. He described Bruce Sterling’s concept of a SPIME – the ability draw information out of thing and make decisions based on a history.

Interfacing will involve viewing a phone as a conduit rather than a terminal. Data flows through rather than to the phone. Interfaces can change to include, for example, motion detection to make users feel as though they are in rather than using the network.


Notes posted live from MEX – More detailed report, including panel discussion, will be available after the event.

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