Design Competition Entry: Comverse Injects Fun and Color into SMS

Comverse Instant SMS is an innovative enhanced SMS messaging solution that infuses SMS with new spirit by incorporating key elements of the Internet culture into the existing SMS service, while preserving the familiar SMS user experience for legacy users.

– Colorful: SMS splashes into the era of color

– Evocative Emoticons, Personal Icons: Elements of the service vastly improve the look and feel

– Attractive Integrated Address Book with Presence Attributes: Introduces new social dimensions that spark spontaneous contact

– Dynamic New Display with Conversational Threading: SMS users now enjoy more natural two-party and multi-party dialogue

– Picture, Voice and Video Messaging as an Integral Part of the Experience: Increases the visual richness of the service

Key Innovations:

– Complements/ Preserves: Complements and can eventually replace native SMS, yet preserves the experience of legacy users.

– Chat: Transforms the separate message paradigm into an engaging chat thread

– Intelligent Contacts: Creates an intelligent contact list that makes use of the user profile by adding to contacts avatars, presence status and a personal text

– Multimedia: Integrates multimedia — pictures, video and audio — from the phone gallery and via the handset camera and microphone.

– The Feel of IM: Instant SMS creates the feeling of the IM that people use at home

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