Design Competition Entry: Devicescape Connect

Devicescape’s patented software and web service allows any mobile wireless device – with or without a browser – to automatically connect to any Wi-Fi network – at home, at work, or on the go. By eliminating the need to manually connect by launching a browser, entering usernames and passwords, etc., Devicescape effortlessly connects the new wave of Wi-Fi enabled devices to all the services and content available on the Internet.

Devicescape can work on any Wi-Fi enabled device. Devicescape stores all the information needed to gain network access on its web servers, so the software footprint on the device is tiny. Because the footprint is so small (75k), Devicescape can be embedded into any device or chipset and also easily integrated into firmware upgrades for rapid deployment to fielded devices. Keeping the computing requirements on the server side also allows for fast and dynamic updates of accessible networks. New networks and hotspots are being added all the time.

Devicescape works automatically on any free or open network enabled. For greater coverage, users can quickly add or update their Wi-Fi network subscription information on the device or via an easy to use web site. Once the user’s credentials are on the server, the device will automatically work in any hotspot the network supports, including roaming partner networks. If a network is not yet among the over 1000 world-wide public networks supported, a simple form allows for submission. With this ever expanding network and the ability to add and share personal networks with friends and family, Devicescape provides the world largest Wi-Fi footprint for mobile access that is fully customizable to an individuals’ needs.


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