Design Competition Entry: Wittycall, the open public phonebook

Wittycall is a “yellow pages 2.0″ created by users, a search service related to phone numbers from where on one hand users can share their most interesting phone contacts and on the other hand users perform searches for most rated, commented or used phone numbers.

The value added to the service is that users can sort the results of the search by the most called contacts (user habit), commented (user feedback), voted (user preference) … as well as by date and by name.

From Wittycall users will be able to perform the call, send a SMS/text message or go to an Internet address by clicking on the contact detail.

A free open global phone directory made of user created phone contacts, a new open directory where phone contacts are published, promoted, rated and commented by the users.

Wittycall lets users to share and recommend their favourite services located on a concrete place or country (restaurants, hotels, taxi services, professional services…) with the rest of users, and the most important thing, it lets users to perform a search for a phone number and retrieve an important extra information based on users habits, feedbacks, preferences and experiences.


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