Design Talk 7: Timo Ahopelto, Lifeline Ventures, on start-up UX culture

Timo Ahopelto, founding partner at Lifeline Ventures, talks to Marek Pawlowski about start-up UX culture and developments in mobile, health and gaming.  Lifeline Ventures raised a EUR 57m fund in February 2016 to invest specifically in these areas.

On this edition

Interview: Timo Ahopelto, founding partner, Lifeline Ventures

Design must come from the startup's core team, Timo Ahopelto on the MEX podcast

Timo Ahopelto’s investment portfolio at Lifeline Ventures focuses on mobile, health and gaming.  Notable successes includes Moves, a personal activity tracker with a highly praised UI which was sold to Facebook, and Supercell, the Finnish gaming company.  Timo himself built and sold CRF Health, a medical technology company.  His strong personal interest in design has become a key part of his investment philosophy and the interview discusses the importance of embedding user-centred design approaches in start-up culture from the outset.

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