MEX Inspirations for 20th March 2009

Chip art You could be forgiven for thinking artistic creativity levels were low in the highly technical world of chipset design, but it seems engineers sometimes take the time to indulge their composition skills. If you look very closely at some circuit boards in mobile phones and other digital devices, you’ll find engineers have used spare space to etch tiny drawings onto the surface.

Helvetica The simplest and cleanest of type faces? Amazing to see how many distinctive brands use Helvetica in their logos. This gallery (linked) shows 40 of the best known. Also raises some interesting questions about the current lack of flexibility for displaying fonts on mobile devices, a topic we’ll be exploring at MEX this year. In addition to the usability limitations this imposes, it also limits major brands when they’re creating applications and services for the mobile environment.

Graze Nuts, berries and fresh fruit delivered direct to your home or office (UK only unfortunately). It is worth signing up just to go through their superb user experience – it took me literally two minutes to get registered. Each pack is chosen according to your personal tastes and then delivered in a recycled package designed to fit through almost any letterbox. Every pack contains personalised information on the nutritional benefits of what you’re eating.


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