MEX Notes: Good ideas glow in the dark

  • Source article: Good ideas glow in the dark
  • MEX note: This article on Dezeen highlights the work of Croatian designers Bruketa and Zinic, and the architect Brigada. They worked together to create a glow in the dark annual report book for software company Adris. The text on the cover page and spine of the book appear barely visible in natural light, but glow blue in the darkness.

    It is an interesting example of quiet design, a topic we're looking at in relation to mobile devices and wireless networks for a future MEX Pathway. Information is conveyed through a gentle glow rather than the bright, flashing notices typically associated with digital devices. As the quantity of digital touchpoints in users' lives expands, so too does their drain on a finite user attention span. We are keen to explore how quiet design might manifest in the mobile industry to make living immersive digital lives less taxing on the senses.

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