PMN Handset Industry Dashboard Q1

PMN Handset Industry DashboardWe use our own ‘dashboard’ system to keep track of the performance of the four major handset manufacturers from quarter to quarter, tracking metrics such as unit shipments, profit margins and average selling prices. It is a useful tool for supplying analyst commentary during television interviews and journalist briefings, as well as helping us internally to understand the relationship between a manufacturer’s user experience investments and its financial performance.

For the first time we’re releasing this to the industry as a PDF download, starting with a year-on-year comparison for Q1 06/07 and a sequential comparison for Q4 06 to Q1 07.

It includes:

  • PMN ranking score, our own system for measuring relative performance
  • Financial results
  • Quantitative trend analysis
  • Qualitative observations on the impact of the figures

You can download the PDF here. If you are interesting in receiving this as a premium subscription service for future quarters, please contact Marek Pawlowski ( or +44 7767 622957) to request additional information.

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