Stat Spot: Mobile TV viewing times

7 mins

…is the length of the average viewing session for mobile TV users in Ericsson’s trial with Norweigan broadcaster NRK. The trial also used personalised advertising, which generated an average click-through rate of 13 percent, a level it managed to maintain throughout the trial. Adverts were tailored to the user’s age, gender, location, and personal interests and formats included videos, banners, ticker texts and branded downloadable content. Source: Ericsson.

MEX question?

What are the implications for advertisers accustomed to traditional TV promotional slots when mobile viewing times are so much shorter? Can you run effective video advertisements within a shorter time frame or will customers be willing to spend a greater proportion of their viewing time watching adverts to make mobile TV less expensive or free? Please post your comments to the blog by clicking below…

Antti Öhrling, co-founder of advertising-funded MVNO Blyk is speaking at our MEX conference in London on 2nd – 3rd May 2007, where he’ll talk about his company’s visioning for building an advertising experience that customers value and inspire a breakout discussion where all conference delegates will participate in defining a response to this challenge.


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  1. 1

    7 minutes … monumentally disappointing.

    Was it (a) Too expensive to pay for the data transfer (b) the batteries ran flat (c) the handsets got too hot or (d) users don’t want to watch TV as we know it terrestrially on a tiny screen in a mobile environment.

    A 13 percent click through is impressive, if you believe it. Maybe so effective everyone stopped watching TV after 7 minutes and clicked through to the advert?


  2. 2
    Gurminder Singh

    7 minutes or so sounds about right… Now that phone displays are getting better, there is a greater demand on the battery. Even a short video will run your battery down quite a bit. So until the entire mix – battery, display, user experience and cost – gets better, we should not expect extended video viewing on the phones.

  3. 3

    7 mins. Thats a lot in ‘mobile time’ but I doubt users would want to wade thru advets, personalized or otherwise, for something they’d use for 7 mins.

  4. 4

    If we don’t think of mobile adverts in terms of TV adverts but as sponsored valuable* (multimedia) content or interactive triggers leading to a relevant* application (e.g. a short movie about a terrific restaurant that enables the booking of a table for me and my partner on our anniversary day while visiting Marrakesh), I don’t see why users would not be happy with them.

    *for the user in his specific context!

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