Stat Spot: Numbers of TVs connected to the internet

27.5% More than a quarter of TV sets purchased by US consumers in January have been connected to the internet. 41.9% of those connections were direct from the television itself, 12.3% from a video box such as Roku, 20.3% through a games console, 13.2% through a web-enabled Blu-ray player and 12.3% through other methods such as internet modules.

Source: iSuppli


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    It is a fact that TV’s larger than 40″ are becoming very popular, and with this size, internet contents could viewable from normal TV watching distance.
    At the same time, TV widgets capable TV or STB’s are being launched by top suppliers…
    The future is clear, TV will become also a communication device, for real time video, and also an enhanced internet browser. TV shows must reinvent themshelves and use the interaction capability of new TV’s.

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