Design Competition Entry: Talk is cheap!

The mobile service providers’ situation in today’s market is such that no matter how loyal a user of a mobile service provider is – in terms of how long, frequent and regularly he/she pays her bills – there is often no direct ‘reward’ given back for his/her loyalty to the mobile phone service provider.

Therefore, Talk is Cheap! is a mobile service concept where the user benefits from talking and sending more messages: The service provider gains from the power of the network and the loyalty of the users, which is measured in terms of their (the users) active use of the mobile services and the growth in size of the network.

The Talk is Cheap! service provider also benefits from both the difference of the dialled calls and sent messages (to the received calls and received messages of the users) on top of consistent monthly service fees paid by the users.

In return, the service provider rewards the users’ loyalty in form of bonuses. (More details on how the user accumulates bonuses in the detailed PDF business plan.)

The catch to the users is the psychology that they may call/message unrestrictedly and that their total monthly bill [excluding the monthly service fee] is determined by how long (the duration of the phone call) or frequent they call/send messages and are called/messaged back to by other users. The users may be subscribed to the Talk is Cheap! service provider or a co-operating service provider.


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