Vringo 2.0

Vringo represents the evolution of the ringtone: an application that makes finding, collecting, creating and sharing video ringtones a delightful experience.

At the core of the experience are two distinct competencies: 1) An application that makes managing a video ringtone collection simple and intriguing; and 2) A server-based “push” infrastructure that makes the sharing of content among friends an automatic process.

What users first notice when they load Vringo is its QuickView browser, a gallery-style interface that lets users scroll through their collection of video ringtones, preview them or send one to a friend with the touch of a button.

Users can add more ringtones to their collection with Vringo’s built-in storefront, in which ringtones can be browsed by genre and picked up with one click. Thanks to Vringo’s server-based architecture, users can also subscribe to free video ringtone channels, in which they’ll receive a new video pushed automatically to their phone on a daily or weekly basis — a feature designed to surprise and delight.

Vringo also lets users immediately shoot and upload their own video creations, available both on their devices and via the public gallery at www.vringo.com.

Where Vringo really takes off, however, is in its social functionality. When two users have Vringo and are paired up via the apps buddy management system, each can choose what the other sees just by calling his friend! Our architecture automatically and quietly syncs a user’s phone with his buddies’ clips, making the social experience totally seamless.

Vringo is currently available for more than 270 handsets on the Symbian, J2ME and Windows Mobile platforms.


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