Design Talk 51. UX in the machine economy; Kerstin Eichmann, Managing Director, Innogy Innovation

As machines of all kinds become active participants in the economy, how will user experience strategy evolve to shape this new class of digital interactions? Kerstin Eichmann, managing director at Innogy Innovation, is working at the cutting edge of this challenge, helping one of Germany’s oldest and largest energy companies imagine the future role it could play in users’ lives. The conversation ranges from Kerstin’s thoughts on how autonomous machines may exchange value with each other to the role of human designers in influencing and incentivising good behaviour among these new economic participants. She also discusses her earlier journey to becoming Head of UX at Fidor Bank, one of the pioneers of next generation financial services. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email

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We will be surrounded by billions of connected devices. How can we ensure they treat us fairly and with respect? 	 Kerstin Eichmann, Managing Director, Innogy Innovation Episode 51, MEX Design Talk podcast


  • Our next MEX dining club events are in London on 17th January and 26th March 2019. Get in touch if you’d like an invite – it’s a relaxed dinner talking about experience design with fellow pioneers.
  • Kerstin’s essay on the inclusive machine economy
  • BigchainDB, the blockchain database mentioned by Kerstin.
  • Ocean Protocol, mentioned by Kerstin.
  • Design Talk 8: Ramona Liberoff (who kindly introduced me to Kerstin Eichmann) was a guest in episode 8 of MEX Design Talk. We talked about innovation’s many guises, particularly in developing markets and for people who have typically been poorly served by ‘innovation teams’ in large companies, like teenage girls in some of the world’s poorest countries.

UX patterns which today focus exclusively on humans may need to evolve to reflect the entire machine economy. 	 Kerstin Eichmann, Managing Director, Innogy Innovation Episode 51, MEX Design Talk podcast

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  • Jukedeck, for the artificial intelligence engine which provided the music

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