MEX Notes: Surfacing information at a Glance

  • Source article: Surfacing information at a Glance
  • MEX note: This post on Yanko features the 'Glance' phone design by Alan Farías. For me, the most interesting aspect of the concept was the 'at a glance' OLED display embedded on the lower end of the device. It uses the low power screen to show a permanent indication of time, unread message count and battery status. This is an example of the 'quiet design' principles we are exploring in MEX Pathway #13 at the next MEX event (30 Nov – 01 Dec 2011).

    Sub-displays such as this were common on clamshell handsets a few years ago, but the positioning on the Glance design makes it perfect for checking while the handset is still in the pocket. Checking the time or looking for new notifications has become habitual among users – an action performed many times a day. It wastes a significant cumulative total of battery power and attention span to activate and unlock the screen for this purpose, often drawing users into a distracting and unplanned activity.

    By following quiet design principles, Alan Farías' concept makes this process convenient, relaxing and less power hungry.

    Also worth noting is Nokia's experiment with 'Sleeping Screen', a software application which delivers similar information through the main OLED display of its Symbian 3 handsets.

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