MEX Notes: Nokia Play To; Glassless 3D; Data usage stats; Transparent screens

  • Nokia Play To beta – show and play media over WiFi (DLNA) – All About Symbian – This is an important step for Nokia in bringing first generation multi-platform content sharing to Symbian devices, the potential for which has already been highlighted in MEX Pathway #2. While the architecture lacks the long-term potential of Apple's AirPlay, it is at least a quick way for current Symbian users to drive content experiences around the home using their mobiles. It is also another example of good ideas coming out of the Nokia Beta Labs project (others include the recent Bubbles and idle screen apps). I hope Beta Labs will be maintained despite Nokia's cost cutting and redundancy programme.
  • Sprint balloons its EVO 3D with three-dimensional titles and content providers – The first major commercial launches of glassless 3D displays on mobile devices will focus on 3D video content, like this EVO 3D from Sprint. However, as outlined in MEX Pathway #4, the real potential for 3D lies in delivering services which go beyond content consumption and deliver new experiences. However, these initial launches will be an important first step to seed the market with the 3D-capable devices.
  • Apps Dominate Mobile Data, But You Can Also See The Cloud Appeal For Apple | mocoNews – 582 Mb seems high for monthly cellular data transfer. I wonder if this figure also includes data transferred over Wi-Fi. Either way, it provides further evidence of the growing strain which will be placed on operator networks as users migrate to Android, iOS and other data intensive platforms. This is something we've been looking at in MEX Pathway #1 for some time.
  • TDK starts mass production of transparent OLEDs, makes texting and walking safer – Strong potential for these in multi-platform experiences, where the ability to overlay information on the user's field of vision opens up interesting possibilities.

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