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Gestural interfaces, interactive foley and new audio art forms

Peter “pdx” Drescher, audio designer and a speaker at MEX on 4th/5th May 2011 has contributed a fascinating essay on gestural interfaces. He explores the effect devices such as Xbox Kinect may have on the design of interactive audio applications, including sound effects for video games, and music performance systems. The piece explores the idea that new audio art forms may develop because of the new technology, by blurring the lines between the traditional definitions of dancer, musician, and foley artist.

Download the PDF here.

Drescher’s exploration touches on several MEX Pathway areas, including #8 (‘Inspire new forms of creative expression through mobile devices‘) and #9 (‘Enhance the audible dimension of mobile user experience‘).

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28 April 2011
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Pathway #8: Enabling new forms of creativity
Pathway #9: Audible dimension