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Enabling new Apple product categories with new interaction methods

Apple bought PrimeSense, a company which specialises in the spatial sensing technology used in products like Xbox Kinect. History, of course, can be a fickle guide to the future, but in light of this purchase it is worth noting Apple’s two most significant new product categories – the Mac and the iPhone – owe their […]

November 25, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Changes in iOS 7 design language

Changes in iOS 7 design language.  Flat is not the opposite of skeuomorphic.  iOS 7 is both deeper and less skeuomorphic than iOS 6.

The most significant change in the design language of iOS 7 is not the move away from skeuomorphism, but rather the introduction of spatial layers and a sense of visual depth. Previous versions of iOS existed on a flat canvas: the visual metaphor allowed for the existence of left, right, up and down, but there […]

June 11, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 2 comments

MEX Sessions: Mattias Andersson on 3D & visual depth in mobile UX

Summary Mattias Andersson, an interaction designer for Swedish agency Ocean Observations at the time, came to MEX in December 2010 to give a ground breaking presentation on the role of 3D in mobile user experience. It was a time when 3D televisions were emerging strongly and the first mobile displays which could project 3D without […]

March 19, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 1 comment

MEX Sessions: Dale Herigstad on spatial interface design

Summary Dale Herigstad came to MEX in September 2012 and opened the event with a talk that challenged participants to think differently about spatial relationships in digital interfaces. Winner of 4 Emmy Awards, Dale’s 30 year background in motion pictures grounds his ongoing work in the digital space, most recently as Chief Interaction Officer of […]

February 26, 2013 | By Marek Pawlowski | 1 comment

Searching for new UI metaphors

Ixonos 'Super App' with multi-pane sliding UI

There were few visual interface developments which stood out at Mobile World Congress, not least because the small application developers at the forefront of UI experimentation were noticeably absent. This may be due in part to the increased cost of travelling to Barcelona and participating in the congress, but I suspect the main reason is […]

March 5, 2012 | By Marek Pawlowski | 1 comment

Touch, painting and depth

SOAK from on Vimeo. MEX alumnus Dominic Sebastian shared this intriguing video from Everywear in Korea. The designers used a Kinect 3D camera to sense how the surface of a spandex sheet changed when touched by the user. A projector was then used in near real time to make it appear as if water […]

October 19, 2011 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Content dominates 3D UX for DoCoMo, Orange, Disney

Disney Mobile DM010SH handset with 3D screen

We’ve been looking at how 3D and visual depth can enhance the mobile user experience for some time now as part of MEX Pathway #4. One of the lessons we’ve already learned is that 3D content consumption alone is rarely enough to persuade users of the benefits: there’s a limited appetite for viewing the relatively […]

September 30, 2011 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

MEX Notes: LG Optimus 3D review – Engadget

Source article: LG Optimus 3D review – Engadget MEX note: Engadget's review of the LG Optimus 3D is consistent with most early impressions of glassless 3D displays: "…the novelty can be genuinely intriguing…for about five minutes. After that, spectators may either get bored with it, or end up feeling like their eyes were just juggled […]

August 1, 2011 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

Nintendo fails to inspire consumer interest in 3D

Nintendo’s recent financial results were poor. There are a number of factors contributing to this decline, but chief among them is a failure to convince consumers its dedicated gaming products offer anything beyond the wealth of casual experiences available on multi-purpose platforms such as iOS and Android. The 3DS, the first handheld gaming console with […]

July 29, 2011 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

MEX Notes: Apple seeks patents for 3D and 'physics metaphor' gesture controls

Apple seeks patents for 3D and 'physics metaphor' gesture controls – One of the insights resulting from MEX Pathway #4 (initiated in July 2010 and entitled 'Identify ways 3D input and output enrich the user experience) has been that the experience of 3D displays is greatly enhanced when married with 3D input mechanisms. Indeed, in […]

July 12, 2011 | By Marek Pawlowski | 0 comments

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