Design Talk 49. Design-led startup; Gil Kahana, co-founder & CEO, ChattyFeet

Gil Kahana is one of a growing number of designers launching their own start-ups. He shares the story with MEX founder Marek Pawlowski, tracing the arc from falling in love with user-centred design at the BBC in the mid-2000s to working agency-side for clients in a wide range of industries. Gil goes on to explain how he has tried to embed user-centricity in his product company, ChattyFeet, and hopes to scale the customer-led approach as his business expands – bringing a little fun to people’s lives along the way. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email

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"The world was full of unusable stuff…the moment I saw there was a better way with user-centred design, I was charmed by it."


  • Our next MEX dining club is in London on 21st June 2018. Get in touch if you’d like an invite – it’s a relaxed dinner talking about experience design with fellow pioneers.
  • The Space Between Us‘, Gil’s university project, was a motion tracking installation aimed at inspiring interaction between people.
  • Lunch Box Revolution, the book by Gil Kahana and Michiko Nitta
  • The original ChattyFeet Kickstarter
  • ChattyFeet
  • 37signals, one of Gil’s inspirations. There’s also a MEX podcast episode where we talk about using Basecamp, one of 37signal’s spin-offs, for the MEX inspirations project.
  • Other MEX podcast episodes on the theme of designers as entrepreneurs include: 48 Sofia Svanteson, 45 Eric Kim, and 31 Craig Bryant. Have a listen and enjoy!
  • MEX Jobs Board – who’s hiring in UX, digital and design?
  • MEX Hidden Talents is an experimental service where you can share your dream job description – anonymously –  and invite prospective employers to get in touch with job offers. We’ve already started connecting our first ‘hidden talents’ – if you’d like to find out more, contact Marek Pawlowski in confidence.

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  • Jukedeck, for the artificial intelligence engine which provided the music

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