Design Talk 22. Agile marketing; Roland Smart, VP, Social & Community Marketing, Oracle

Agile has become the de-facto approach to rapid, user-centred product development.  However, it is not just for coders.  In fact, Agile is at its most effective when product management and marketing work in the same rhythm.  In this episode, hosts Marek Pawlowski and Alex Guest are joined by Roland Smart, author of ‘The Agile Marketer’ and someone who has seen these practices first-hand on the agency side with pioneering UX consultancy Adaptive Path and now client-side with Oracle, one of the world’s largest software companies.  The episode explores the diverse ways in which marketers’ knowledge of existing users, and potential customers, can be integrated with design process.

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"Agencies are being disrupted…they’re finding themselves in the new role of 'coach' as large clients embrace Agile." -- Roland Smart, VP, Social & Community Marketing, Oracle; author of 'The Agile Marketer' on Episode 22, MEX Design Talk podcast


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