2010 MEX User Experience Awards now open for entries

2010 MEX Mobile &amp Multi-Platform User Experience Awards are now open! Enter your innovations today >>

> What are the MEX Awards?

See the MEX Awards on Reuters TVThe 2010 MEX Awards is the 3rd annual design competition for cutting edge mobile and multi-platform user experiences. It provides a global platform for showcasing your innovations through the online MEX Awards gallery and at the MEX Conference itself.

The winners will be honoured at the 7th international MEX Mobile User Experience conference in London on 19th May 2010, receiving the famous MEX trophies in front of an audience of 100 of the world’s leading user experience experts.

You can see TV coverage of previous MEX Awards on Reuters TV or check out the photo gallery on the MEX Awards site. Also, see the full list of winners from 2008 and 2009.

> How do I enter and when is the deadline?

Entry is completely free – just visit the MEX Awards web-site to submit online. Entries must be received by Friday, 30th April 2010 at 23:00 GMT. Enter now >>

> What can be entered?

There are no limits on what you can enter, including concepts, applications, devices and services. Your submission should include 2 parts:

    1) A detailed description of your target user

    Describe who they are, what they do and what motivates them. Include as much information as possible to show you have conducted thorough research into the unique requirements, preferences and behavioural traits of your target users.

    2) An illustrated guide to the user experience you’ve created

    Using a combination of written explanation, images and video, show how the experience you’ve designed meets the needs of the users. Each entry must include a written summary, an image and a PDF with further details. Contestants can also link to an optional video of their entry – this is highly recommend and greatly assists the judging panel.

> Who can enter?

It is open to everyone, with specific categories for companies, professionals, freelancers and students. There are 5 awards – 1 for each of the 4 categories and 1 overall MEX User Experience Innovator of the Year. It is completely free to enter.

> What does winning a MEX Award mean?

“All of us have great ideas but there are many who lack a platform to showcase these ideas to the world. The MEX Awards symbolises encouragement and confidence for an individual who has an idea. Winning the 2008 MEX Award gave me that encouragement and boosted my confidence in pursuing my own ideas. Being judged by industry leaders and experts, it also reinforced the marketability and potential viability of my concept.”

– Gaurabh Mathure, founder of Desolve, winner of the Freelance category in 2008 with ‘Cloudaware‘.

Enter your innovations today >>

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