Design Talk 60. Experience thinking; Tedde van Gelderen, Founder, Akendi

Tedde van Gelderen, founder of design agency Akendi and author of the book Experience Thinking, shares the story of his career journey with MEX founder Marek Pawlowski. From client-side roles with Philips and Nortel, to founding and selling an earlier agency business, Tedde talks about the career experiences which informed his book. The conversation turns to the cultural challenges when companies evolve from product-driven to service-driven relationships with customers and touches on what Tedde’s next book might be about. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email

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"We are being asked to do more projects where everyone - developers, marketing and management - gets trained in experience design, so they have a shared cultural understanding." Tedde van Gelderen, Founder, Akendi Episode 60, MEX Design Talk podcast


  • The product designer role with Kivra in Stockholm, mentioned by Marek during the introduction.
  • The health and design ‘do tank’ organised by not-for-profit collective is on the evening of Monday, 17th June in London. Get in touch if you’d like an invite. Mentioned by Marek during the intro.
  • A conversation with Rachel Liu‘ and ‘Trusty tools: 3 days, 750 photos and 10,000 words on a Blackberry KeyONE and LG G4‘. Two articles mentioned by Marek during the intro.
  • Leo Poll, President of Akendi UK, who introduced Tedde and Marek.
  • Innovate UK ‘Design in innovation strategy‘, explaining how businesses can achieve a return of £20 for every £1 invested in design.
  • “You thought you knew how the user would react to and interact with the experience without any evidence this would be the case. You pushed the problem down the road but can’t avoid it. At some point, your product or service will be used by customers or users, so why not stay in touch with them?” The quote Marek reads from Tedde van Gelderen’s, ‘Experience Thinking‘, (page 84).

"People tend to listen to customers only at the very beginning and shortly after launch. This 'book-ending' of customer involvement still surprises me." Tedde van Gelderen, Founder, Akendi Episode 60, MEX Design Talk podcast

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