Design Talk 61. Fostering the global creative economy; Fiona Myles, Kin Branding

Fiona Myles runs her own agency, Kin Branding, working at the intersection of brand strategy and design thinking. In addition, she works all over the world delivering workshops and education programmes to foster a design-led, creative economy with organisations like Nesta and the British Council. She shares the story of her career with MEX founder Marek Pawlowski, touching on everything from user-centred design to the nuances of encouraging entrepreneurs to embrace design in different cultures. Get in touch with feedback and questions @mexfeed on Twitter or email

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"The best way to understand design thinking is to experience it. When you work on a challenge, rather than being lectured about it, the light bulbs start to turn on." Fiona Myles, Founder, Kin Branding Episode 61, MEX Design Talk podcast


"You have to go to conferences and you have to read widely...but much of your inspiration and insight has to finally come from your customers and their pain points." Fiona Myles, Founder, Kin Branding Episode 61, MEX Design Talk podcast

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