Pin badge with a multi-touchpoint design approach

Pin badge with a multi-touchpoint design approach

Part of a new MEX series highlighting compelling case studies which catch our eye.  Follow MEX @mexfeed or by signing-up for the weekly email newsletter.

Pins Collective is a $69 wearable digital badge which can be personalised to display different images.

Quite apart from being a rather lovely product, it caught my attention as a case study example of multi-touchpoint experience design, a subject close to the heart of the MEX community for many years.  This evolving practice is characterised by digital experiences designed to unfold across a range of devices rather than within the confines of a single screen.  In this instance, the main touchpoints are the pin itself and a companion app on the user’s smartphone.


The physical design was led by People People, while TOPP – a Malmo-based agency and alumni of several MEX events – majored on the brand, app and overall UX.  Reading through TOPP’s comprehensive write-up of the work, it is apparent the multi-touchpoint approach flowed from a key user insight: this product was at heart about self expression within a community.

People have adorned themselves with decorative items throughout history and they do so to make a statement.  As a result, the Pins Collective needed to empower users to make meaningful customisations of their own.  By pairing the pin with a companion app and community, TOPP was able to open up a wider range of customisation, from simple text and graphics to more complex animations.

Successful multi-touchpoint design thrives on weaving the unique properties of each touchpoint into an experience greater than the sum of its parts.  The Pins Collective, which reached its crowdfunding target in 13 days, is a fine example of TOPP’s craft, an agency I regard as specialists in this field.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing the results when they start shipping in April 2017.

Part of a new MEX series highlighting compelling case studies which catch our eye.  Follow MEX @mexfeed or by signing-up for the weekly email newsletter.

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